Nut Warz

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About the Game

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About Nut Warz

Nut Warz is an action-packed side-scroller, complete with multiple levels, minigames and puzzles. Utilize the touch-screen and motion controls of the mobile devices to navigate through the game. Join Sammy the Squirrel in his adventure to find and save his golden nutz. Battle your way past birds, snakes and bees with an arsenal at your disposal. Blast enemies with your high-powered laser rifle and evade dangerous obstacles with your helicopter jet-pack. The more nutz you collect, the better your score will be. A higher score will unlock more options in your final puzzle challenge to save Sammy's nutz.

Design and development:

Przemyslaw J. Moskal, PhD
Brianna Blank
Brian Russ
Jordan Smith


Melissa Wanzer, EdD, Canisius College
Adam Kisailus, PhD , Roswell Park Cancer Institute

This project was developed by students and faculty from the Digital Media Arts Program at Canisius College through the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Summer Grant and Canisius Earning Excellence Program.

Promotional video by Erik Michaelsen

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